Over Masturbation Natural Treatment To Improve Sexual Health

One can suffer from exhaustion and loss of strength in the male organ due to prolonged and repeated hand practice, which leads to damage to the internal muscular tissues in the organ. If the mind and the body’s reaction to conjugal activities is negative, in the way that, the body is unable to handle pressure during normal conjugal interaction and one is completely dependent on hand practice to release the arousal trigger, it is problematic for both the partners. This has been mentioned in ayurveda as complete loss of Ojas (energy) and in such situations, one may feel helpless and incapable to improve sexual health.

Over Masturbation Natural Treatment

Ayurveda explains about the sap of life – which involves the vitality, vigor, radiant health and luster as important youthful energy symbols, and loss of these factors can cause premature aging. A person with weak ojas suffers from depression, fatigue, anxiousness, sleeplessness and low appetite. The lifestyle involving foods that block the flow of energy in body such as alcohol, smoke, junk food and negative emotions in mind (which causes physical weakness), where the person finds himself incapable to handle pressure during normal conjugal interaction with partner, has a poor focus and low motivation and these are the signs of low energy or low ojas.

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How To Recover Health After Hand Practice And Quit Masturbation Addiction?

Masturbation is a normal practice which every man does in order to satisfy his requirements for making love. Hand practice is very common among men at some point in his life and once who become addicted to it suffers from serious damage in the organ. Many boys start masturbating at a very early age of their life in order to accomplish manhood. This practice provides temporary pleasure but eventually damages nerves and muscles of the organ. This may cause erectile dysfunction in future. Men experiencing the problem also face difficulty while making love. It becomes impossible for men to participate in the lovemaking act. Both women and men face problem in getting aroused for the act. Every man wants to know the way to recover after hand practice and quit masturbation addiction.Quit Masturbation AddictionSuch men can use No Fall, Maha Rasayan capsules and King Cobra herbal oil to get rid of side effects of hand practice and quit masturbation addiction. These herbal supplements together reenergize the reproductive organs of men and improve their functions. Strong herbal ingredients used in the preparation of these supplements to overcome over masturbation help in strengthening muscles and increase stimulation of nerves of male organ. This helps in increasing the communication between brain and nerves. Brain gets better control of muscles in genital area. With enhanced circulation of blood, supply of essential nutrients increases towards reproductive system of men and this enhances reproductive system health as well. Consistent massage with King Cobra oil helps to achieve quick results. This herbal oil can repair the tissues and nerves effectively which are damaged because of hand practice.

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